Historical heritage sites

Movie Theater Bio Huvimylly

Businessman Kalle Siponen founded a movie theater in Raahe in 1923. The theater was named Huvimylly because performances were happy and long-awaited events. location Bio Huvimylly was planned to be a movie theater and its construction started in 1936. The building was completed in the spring of 1937. Bio Huvimylly follows the model of the type of cinema, which was recommended in the countryside in the 1930s by Kino magazine. The building has been preserved in almost the original form.  It is owned by a private person. The decision of the protection by North Ostrobothnia Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment applies to the appearance of the building and interiors with solid interiors. Further information:

Movie theater: Bio Huvimylly

Hedberg birthplace

Fredrik Gabriel Hedberg was born 15.7.1811 in Saloinen, where his father served as a rural police chief. He was ordained a priest in 1834. In 1873 Hedberg was founding a revivalist movement, which operates under the name Lutheran Evangelical Association of Finland. In the yard of Hedberg birthplace a commemoration is organized almost every year in July. The house is privately owned.

Leufstadius House

The wing of the house on the side of Rantakatu street was built in 1804. The so-called baking house served as a Johan Leufstadius tobacco factory in the 1800s. Johan Leufstadius younger donated a diving suit and other objects to the Raahe museum. The house served decades as a home for the elderly. The house is protected and privately owned. One of the drama round playlets is shown on the Leufstadius house yard location Further information: More stories in Finnish from the home page of Raahe travel guides: Parasta Virginian tupakkaa / Onni Norio

Pramila Croft

One of the historical protected sites of Raahe is Pramila Croft situated in the Jokela village . The building with its old drying barn and smoke sauna stands on the place which before generally was called “Johona deep forest”. The croft has maintained the old traditional appearance and has a rarity as birch bark roof has been preserved under the felt roof. The building is mainly from the late 1800s. Pramila croft pdf, 265 kb (Only available in Finnish)

Öörni Soldier croft

One of the Raahe historical protected sites is Öörni Soldier croft at Junnilanmäki. The oldest part of the soldier croft was built in the 1720s. After the mid-1800s a second croft was brought next to it. The Savolahti elementary school, founded in 1870, was the first in the whole Oulu province and it served in the Öörni soldier croft. The house was rented as community hall in the early 1900s. Dances were even held there. The building was a student dormitory for a long time at the turn of 1900s and 2000s. The house is privately owned and it has been renovated a residence. Further information: http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Savolahti (Only available in Finnish)