Art & Home ateliers

Raahen Taitopaja, Tuija Rajamäki

Tuija Rajamäki runs Raahen Taitopaja an artisan and event production company and workshop that locates in a foundry built in 1955. Raahen Taitopaja offers a variety of experiences making handcrafts and watching artisan products being made.

Open by requets.

  • handicraft design and manufacture
  • unique gifts made of e.g. glass and bronze, candles and straws
  • Raahe-dog statues

Pajakatu 4, 92100 Raahe
Tel +358 50 522 7673
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Sofia House, Pertti Vuori work room and art gallery

The work room of artist Pertti Vuori is in Sofia House where Lybecker school worked for its first 125 years. In the rear room there is a small exhibition of school’s history.

Reiponkatu 35
FIN-92100 Raahe
Tel. +358 40 077 6770

Marjaana Kojo-Eskola, textile art

Marjaana Kojo-Eskola designs and manufactures custome-made interior design, art textiles and church linens  Her work room is at Lasikangas.

Picture gallery
Tel. +358 40 535 6739
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Kirsi Autio, visual arts

Kirsi Autio is a visual and graphic artist from who combines different techniques in her works. She is a principal of Lybecker Institute of Crafts and Design.

Own work room Peltokatu 20
FIN-92100 Raahe
Open by advance arrangement
Tel. +358 50 587 0336

Harri Hemmilä, photographs

Harri Hemmilä is a photographer from Raahe. He works also as a lecturer of photography at the Lybecker Institute of Crafts and Design.

Tel. +358 40 564 5316
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Anna-Maija Joensuu, textile arts

Anna-Maija Joensuu is a textile designer from Raahe. In her works she uses interesting techniques such as dyeing with rusty objects.

Own workroom
Rantakatu 46
FIN-92100 Raahe
Tel. +358 50 374 2905
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Home ateliers

Graphic artists Raija Korppila and Juha Laakso home art gallery

Prints, souvenirs, ex librises to order, working demonstrations.
Open by advance arrangement.

Lautatarhankatu 2, Lapaluoto
FIN-92180 Raahe
Tel. +358 50 535 5160

Raija Korppila
Tel. +358 50 535 5160

Juha Laakso
Tel. +358 40 551 8605

Matti Lepistö Sculpture Park

Over 200 sculptures and paintings on display.
Open by advance arrangement.

Picture gallery

Mansikkakarintie 200
FIN-92140 Pattijoki
Tel. +358 8 223 7899
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Paavo Pyhtilä home art gallery

Open by advance arrangement.

Picture gallery

Mettalankuja 15
FIN-92150 Raahe
Tel. +358 8 223 7253, +358 50 523 3070