Info for boaters

”Pooki flakkaa! Nyt pooki flakkaa!”

Picture yourself walking the streets of Raahe on a fine summer’s day around 1855 . Suddenly you would hear a cry “Pooki flakkaa! The flag is hoisted!” Starting from the church tower by the guard on watch duty, the merry hollering would snowball through the whole town, reaching every single yard and household. This was a sign telling that a sail ship, and not just any ship, but one that had been built in Raahe, sailing with local crew, was approaching the town.

The sail ship was spotted from the lighthouse [pooki] on the Iso-Kraaseli island just outside Raahe, the lighthouse keeper would hoist the flag [flagu] in the lighthouse flagstaff and this flag would then be seen from the church tower. Husbands and sons were finally coming home from up to a 5 year long sailing on the seas of the world. Men, women and children would run to the docks to greet the hardened old seadogs and the youngsters that left home as boys and came back as men. This would then start a  whole series of actions on board the ship and on land and many days of celebration. 

Seadogs and boaters, kayakers, yachtsmen and women of today are greeted with just as much joy.
Welcome from near and far! 

Info for boaters – how to get to Raahe by sea

Retkeilijän Raahe – Saaristo (pdf) puts the nature trails and kayaking routes on the map.
Raahe on nautical chart page FI55 (.tiff 12M) Shared via Google share. Tip: download and open with picture viewing app
Raahe in nautical chart page FI55 smaller file (.jpg 3,5M) Shared via Google share.
Raahe archipelago page gives information on guest harbours, maps, tourist attractions, etc..
Raahe sailing club offers local information on sailing and services (in Finnish).
View the Raahe archipelago and Natura 2000 area brochure here (pdf)