Info for marketplace merchants

Komerssin markkinat – Old time fair and marketplace

At Raahe Rantatori market square
Rantakatu (37) 92100 Raahe

Marketplace open hours:
Thu 13.7. 10am-6pm
Fri 14.7. 10am-6pm
Sat 15.7. 10am-6pm
Sun 16.7 10am-6pm

The fair, Komerssin markkinat, reminiscing the golden times of sailing ships will be the main attraction of Rantatori market square. We will get a flash of the 19th century through the merchants’ outfits and their presentations, not to mention the gorgeous shake roofed booths. Products being sold at the marketplace are to be suited for the era, with a twist that makes them fitting for today’s consumers. If you are interested in bringing your goods, handicrafts, art, household items toys for sale, please contact us. Should you be selling food please be sure to follow up-to-date directions.PookiFlakkaa_puvutkaikki

Register for old time fair and marketplace by mailing us at or via this link (registrationform form in Finnish) or give us a call at +358 40 130 3889.

Terms of participation (pdf) (text in Finnish. English version on demand)
Dress code for ladies 2017 (pdf) (see the pictures, text in Finnish. English version on demand))
Dress code for gentlemen 2017 (pdf) (see the pictures, text in Finnish. English version on demand))

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