Pooki Flakkaa – Raahe Maritime Festival


Welcome to the third annual Pooki Flakkaa – Raahen Meripäivät Maritime Festival on July 13 – 16 2017

Beach sides near the center of Raahe will once again fill with joyful market life and all program to celebrate the sea and the seafarers as well as the men and women of commerce of the past and today.

A fair, Komerssin markkinat, reminiscing the golden times of sailing ships will be the main attraction of Rantatori market square. We will get a flash of the 19th century through the stallholders’ outfits and their presentations, not to mention the gorgeous shake roofed booths. Products being sold in the fair are also suited for the era, with a twist that makes them fitting for today’s consumers.

Events held by the sea are a chapter of their own. You can take a cruise to the beautiful archipelago of Raahe.  Feel the thrill of rescue and diving shows, go kayaking or watch a fishing contest and dinghy boat challenge race, get to know the work of different active maritime associations and hobby groups. You are invited to explore the visiting ships in Museonranta and those moored in the guest harbor Terässatama.

Find the Pooki Flakkaa – Raahe Maritine festival 2016 program on event pages and join the merry crowd in PF-RM Facebook.