You are at Pohjola route Pyhäjoki – Raahe -Siikajoki

Pohjola route is the experience rich traveling choice for drivers, families, fans of nature and those in favor of public transport. From the route everyone can pick their preferred path based on choice of natural beauty – the route can be travelled in parts or completely. When in the region of Raahe you are on the Pohjola route. You are most welcome to come and experience the open sea, river lands, rich forests and mountains on the northern side of the route.

The open sea and its many faces

On the Pohjola route you will get to know life and experiences on the shores of the open sea. When in the region of Raahe follow the shoreline from Raahe to Pyhäjoki and then pay a visit to Siikajoki and you will discover the many faces of the sea as well as the unique features of different shores. Experience summer in the archipelago of Raahe on an Island-Hopping tour or spend the summer day of your dreams on a deserted island. Enjoy yourself, the scent of the sea and the sounds of life and take a rest at the smooth sunlit cliffs of Pyhäjoki. Enjoyment for the whole family can be found on the endless white beaches of Siikajoki.

Experiences in nature without compare

The varied nature of the region provides plenty of opportunities for independent trips and outdoor activities, whether you are out there raising your health and pulse or enjoying the peace and quiet of nature, whether your mind is set on jogging, dirt biking or hiking. Near the shores you may feel at times the sweet, other times unrelenting and powerful gust of sea air on your face and when inland hear the humming of the wind atop the trees standing in silence.

In the interests of culture and coffee

The Old Town Raahe is one of the best preserved 19th century wooden towns in our country. The Old Town Raahe is not a museum area but a living part of the town that tells a story of the life in Raahe from its founding centuries ago to these modern days. Step into a pastel colored bubble of happiness and enjoy the quietly bubbling atmosphere of the old town. There are seven museums available to visit and more can be found in the region. In the collections of the Pakkahuone museum you will discover, among other wonders, the wooden sculptures of Mikael Balt from the 17th century in a church hall with a story to tell. And you cannot drive past the town without paying a visit to the Old Gentleman, world’s oldest diving suit located in the Kruunumakasiini museum. Charming and varied local museum are a trend of the summer.

Events, dinner and then shopping

The best way to experience the local points of interest is to let your steps go with the local flow. So, come and experience many interesting events, whether you are all about that jazz or something about sea and ye olden time markets just speaks to you. Fill your belly with local delicacies, maybe enjoy a moment with a glass of wine and discover the best boutiques and brick-and-mortar stores.


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