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Pyhäluodon uimarannalla Pyhäjoella

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Pyhäluoto Beach

The public swimming beach in Pyhäjoki is Pyhäluoto beach located in Etelänkylä. The sandy beach is also perfect children of all ages. The landscape of the swimming beach is dominated by magnificent cliffs that slide smoothly into the sea. The place is also popular with windsurfers and kite surfers.

Water quality is monitored throughout the summer. The beach has changing rooms, a dry toilet and waste disposal. Take care of your safety - the swimming area is unsupervised.

Pyhäjoki also has informal swimming spots on the riverside, on the seashore and in rock quarries.

Swimming spots by the sea
In Parhalahti, Kultaranta by Puustellintie, sandy beach
In Yppäri, the sandy beaches of Leto and Merimaja, Pylhy beach, Veteraanimaja beach.

Swimming spots on the river bank
In the center are the Kielosaari and Kittipuhto swimming spots and Hourunkoski beach on the north side of the river
At Pirttikoski Kuusiniemi's swimming spot next to the bridge

Swimming spots in rock quarries
Rautiperä swimming spot, open also in winter.
Yppäri Grekunperä swimming spot along Alavieskantie road.

Pyhäluodon uimarannalla Pyhäjoella
Pyhäjoki Municipality
Pyhäluodontie 14
86100 Pyhäjoki