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The Healing Power of Enchantment - Relief from Stress through Local Travel

Have you alredy tried mini-vacations?

Author Katherine May encourages people to try enchantment as a way to relieve stress. What better way to enchant oneself than through travel. This is also indicated by Professor Dacher Keltner's research. But does the journey always have to be to somewhere new?

"The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." – Marcel Proust (1871-1922)


How can you practically experience enchantment during a mini vacation? 

When we travel to a new place, we are forced to be attentive in order to navigate the unfamiliar environment. On the other hand, in familiar places, we can easily go on autopilot and instead of being present, we ruminate in our minds or surf social media. In order to experience the refreshing effects of travel even in familiar surroundings, we need to make a little effort to become present in the moment. 

One way is to take a stone in your hand, for example from the Kylmäniemi beach, and feel it. The stone has been there long before us and will remain long after us. As we let the stone drop back to the ground, we can let go of unnecessary control and breathe in the pure sea air.

Next, you can visit a museum where you haven't been before or go back to a familiar museum where there is definitely something new, an object or a story, that you can pay attention to this time. Similarly, in a museum, you understand the brief duration of human life, which helps put things into a relaxing perspective. 

Visiting the award-winning archipelago of Raahe is guaranteed to refresh you. We recommend visiting at least once every year. Spending a summer day on the sandy beach of the deserted island of Tasku, lazily lounging in the refreshing seawater, or strolling along the Iso-Kraaseli nature trail are perfect for reducing performance pressure. Why not start exploring the archipelago by sitting at the Ruiskuhuone seaside café and admiring the surroundings of Pikkulahti?

When you need guidance for your trips, you can find suggestions for a tour of Old Raahe at the Visit Raahe tourist information summer point in Praati. Independent travelers can also download the Glopas audio guide app and listen to stories through their earphones. You can also join the Raahe Guides for guided walking tours with others.


Would you head to your hometown or its surroundings for a mini vacation with a fresh perspective inspired by Marcel Proust? 

Starting something new always requires a little effort, but it's worth trying. If you're planning a vacation, why not start with a mini vacation nearby to immediately reduce work stress without the added stress of too much stimulation?

Once you've made the decision to take a vacation, it's time to let go of performance and take inspiration from the language of the residents of the Raahen region, who use words like 'lorkkiminen' and 'kuljailu.' 'Lorkkiminen' refers to aimless, childlike enjoyment of water elements, just as 'kuljailu' means the same for walking.

Katja Mattila went on a mini vacation with her husband to the Raahentienoo Golf Course and the beautiful beach of Tauvo in Siikajoki, and in this video, she briefly shares their vacation experiences in Finnish.

Would you also go to Siikajoki like Katja or try Pyhäjoki instead? In Pyhäjoki, you can practice mindful tourism by walking along the Kielosaari nature trail and enjoying a picnic with all your senses while listening to the rapids of Hourunkoski. The most important thing is to find an activity or place that makes you feel inspired, relaxed, and even enchanted.

What tourist destination in the Raahen region would you like to see with fresh eyes next? Here you can find more tips for stress-relieving vacations.