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Raahe region, Raahe, Siikajoki and Pyhäjoki, is located in Finland on the shore of the Bay of Bothnia. on the Region info -pages you will have a chance to restock your regional facts, info on villages and have a little taste of the history of places. 

kesäkukkia pyörän etukorissa Siikajoen Karinkannassa

The first inhabitants arrived at Siikajoki already in the 15th century

In Siikajoki you can experience the peace of the countryside. Here you live and work close to nature, between two cities, by the river and the sea. Siikajoki offers constantly new experiences. 

Siikajoki Ruukinkylä's scenery in autumn.

Venture into nature, head to the waters, and enjoy the peace or the thrill of speed in Pyhäjoki.

Embark on hikes and explore the river routes, cast your rod into the water and prepare a meal from fresh catch, birdwatch, venture through the roaring rapids, and enjoy the movement of water in the calm pools and open expanses.

Kayakers in the Pyhäjoki River

Wander in the magnificent old town, dip in the award-winning archipelago waters, and explore other unique treasures of Raahe.

... and here comes the wind again! The winds of Raahe always surprise the traveler: it blows against you even when you think you're going with it. For us, the wind is familiar: it tousles our hair and clears space for new thoughts.

The Museum Beach of Raage in the Winter Twilight