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Welcome to our story! 

Raahe region is a compatible sum of great parts: Raahe, Siikajoki and Pyhäjoki. Our home is located in North Ostrobothnia, Finland, on the shore of the Bay of Bothnia, between and on the banks of the Siikajoki and Pyhäjoki rivers. Read our story here >>

We hope these pages will give you plenty of reasons to visit the Raahe region. Read stories with true love #withtruelove of how locals and those who left their heart here describe their memories, moments and places that were meaningful to them. Explore accommodation options; here you can find hotels, charming apartments in the old town’s wooden houses, traditional cottages and farms in the peaceful countryside. Give yourself and your friends time and eat well. Enjoy physical activities and well-being inside and outdoors, hike and explore, enjoy culture and get inspired by art and many stories. Find activities for the whole family. Slow down or speed up, however you like, as long as you enjoy it.

Please note that due to the impact of coronavirus, changes in service availability and events as well as Raahe Tourist Information premises opening hours are unavoidable. Please visit the operators' and event pages to find the latest information. You'll find the links to homepages and social media on each experience card right after the map and other contact information. Tourist information office services are currently available online, via phone and email, Visit Raahe website
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