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The diverse nature of the region offers plenty of options for self-guided outdoor activities and hiking, whether you're looking to boost your fitness and heart rate or simply enjoy the tranquility of nature. Whether your preferred activity is trail running, mountain biking, or hiking, the proximity of the shores allows you to occasionally feel the sweet, gentle sea breeze on your face, or at times, the unyielding power of the wind as it stirs your senses. Inland, you can hear the same wind rustling through treetops in the midst of silence. So, refresh yourself and improve your well-being, learn about nature, the unique characteristics of the coastal areas, and the phenomenon of land uplift, and get moving. Below, you'll also find tips for accommodations and dining options close to the routes, as well as equipment rental for hiking. After an active day outdoors, good food, a sauna, and a peaceful night's sleep in fresh linens are truly satisfying. Check our website for more suggestions on lodging, dining, and other activities.

Etiquette Is More than Just a Sticker on a Jam Jar

Thank you for being considerate of other hikers, taking care of nature, and respecting the constructed rest areas along the routes. Remember to leave no trace while hiking. Every item you bring along should also be taken out. You can learn about mountain biker etiquette, for example, on the Suomen Latu website. Our everyman's rights grant us access to a vast wealth of nature, and enjoying this treasure comes with responsibilities. Etiquette doesn't only belong on a jam jar label or formal dinners – hiking etiquette guides outdoor enthusiasts and is worth familiarizing yourself with before heading out. Please note that making fires is allowed only in designated areas. Remember that hiking is always at your own risk.

Shelters and Campfire Sites

There are numerous shelters and campfire sites in the area. Maintenance of these sites may be done by the municipality, village associations, and organizations. Remember that littering is prohibited, so please take your garbage with you. Use suitable firewood for burning and only in designated areas. While some shelters provide firewood, it can sometimes run out, so it's a good idea to bring with you a few pieces just in case. Always leave the rest area cleaner than you found it. By following these guidelines, we can all enjoy both nature and breaks there. Maintaining the nature trails and rest areas along them may be done by the municipality, village associations, and organizations.
Have a joyful hiking day!