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Husky mushing experience 10 km

Welcome to Arctic Coast Mushing Center, located in Pyhäjoki, just off the coast of the Baltic Sea. After you get acquainted with our friendly dogs and the farm, you get to enjoy a mushing experience. We take off from the farm to the nearby forest for a 10 km ride.
Depending on the season and snow conditions, we travel either by sledge on skis or kart on wheels. Each carriage has one passenger and one musher, and it is possible to change places during en route. On this tour you will both experience mushing and just relaxing as a passenger.
At Arctic Coast Mushing Center you meet Siberian Huskies, Greenland Dogs and Yakutian Laikas – all primal arctic sled dog breeds. We have around 70 dogs of all ages.

Price: 100 eur / adult - 50 eur / child 2-12 years
Prices do not include transfers to / from Arctic Coast Mushing Center

Arctic Coast Mushing Center
Pirttikoskentie 1120
86160 Pyhäjoki