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The diverse nature of the region offers plenty of options for self-guided outdoor activities and hiking, whether you're looking to boost your fitness and heart rate or simply enjoy the tranquility of nature. Whether your preferred activity is trail running, mountain biking, or hiking, the proximity of the shores allows you to occasionally feel the sweet, gentle sea breeze on your face, or at times, the unyielding power of the wind as it stirs your senses. Inland, you can hear the same wind rustling through treetops in the midst of silence. So, refresh yourself and improve your well-being, learn about nature, the unique characteristics of the coastal areas, and the phenomenon of land uplift, and get moving. Below, you'll also find tips for accommodations and dining options close to the routes, as well as equipment rental for hiking. After an active day outdoors, good food, a sauna, and a peaceful night's sleep in fresh linens are truly satisfying. Check our website for more suggestions on lodging, dining, and other activities.

Rent Equipment for Hiking and Bring a Guide Along 

Rent fat bikes, mountain bikes, snowshoes, sliding snowshoes, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards (SUP), and other equipment you need for hiking. Under the guidance of skilled guides, you can safely explore the secrets of new activities and terrains. In the Raahen region, you can be served by Lappis, among others. In Raahessa, the active cycling club RCC operates, and you can inquire about joining a bike trip with them. You can also follow the maintenance status of the routes and inquire in the Raahen seudun latuinfo Facebook group. Information about winter maintenance is available on the Latukartta Raahe website.

Choose Your Route Based on Your Mood and Fitness Level, or Try Them All

Below, you can explore routes in alphabetical order. The information indicates whether it's a circular route that starts and ends at the same point or a one-way route. If there are accessible sections along the route, that information is included as well. Trails and routes are accessible for both walking and mountain biking. During the winter season, some trails may not be maintained, and natural paths remain open for use. Biking on frozen sea ice is an experience, and when a traditional ski trail is created on the ice, you'll often find a parallel skating ski lane that you can use while fat biking. Fat biking on the skating ski lanes maintained by the city of Raahen is allowed. Remember to ensure that your tire pressures are sufficiently low to avoid damaging the lanes.
For more details on winter use of the routes in Finnish, refer to the section titled "REITIN TALVIKÄYTTÖ."
In addition to the linked maps, you can find routes marked by mountain bikers and trail runners in the Trailmap. Note that the descriptions of the routes on the page are approximate. For winter fat biking tips, use the settings "MTB Talvikartta" on Trailmap and look for the yellow trails.
Maintaining the nature trails and rest areas along them may be done by the municipality, village associations, and organizations.


Etiquette Is More than Just a Sticker on a Jam Jar

Thank you for being considerate of other hikers, taking care of nature, and respecting the constructed rest areas along the routes. Remember to leave no trace while hiking. Every item you bring along should also be taken out. You can learn about mountain biker etiquette, for example, on the Suomen Latu website. Our everyman's rights grant us access to a vast wealth of nature, and enjoying this treasure comes with responsibilities. Etiquette doesn't only belong on a jam jar label or formal dinners – hiking etiquette guides outdoor enthusiasts and is worth familiarizing yourself with before heading out. Please note that making fires is allowed only in designated areas. Remember that hiking is always at your own risk.

Shelters and Campfire Sites

There are numerous shelters and campfire sites in the area. Maintenance of these sites may be done by the municipality, village associations, and organizations. Remember that littering is prohibited, so please take your garbage with you. Use suitable firewood for burning and only in designated areas. While some shelters provide firewood, it can sometimes run out, so it's a good idea to bring with you a few pieces just in case. Always leave the rest area cleaner than you found it. By following these guidelines, we can all enjoy both nature and breaks there.
Have a joyful hiking day!

AITTALAHTI Raahe | Circular trail, short road transfer | 1.3 km | 

The nature trail is approximately 1.3 km long, encircling the northern part of the former bay, Aittalahti. At the halfway point of the nature trail, near the railway track, there is a resting and viewing spot overlooking the lake. Along the route, you'll find two campfire sites and, south of Lapaluodontie, near the parking area, an unusual 7-meter steel birdwatching tower. This is a good starting point for the circuit. Aittalahti is stocked with perch, and you can fish for both perch and pike there.
Address and link to the map


FANTTI TRAIL Raahe | Circular trail, road transfer along bike path | 770 m | 
The 770-meter Fantti Trail winds through beautiful sea views. It's a short and easy trail right on the outskirts of Raahe. Along the trail, there is a campfire site and a great spot to admire the view towards Old Raahe on the opposite shore of the bay. The Fantti route is an excellent local option if you're staying in the center of Raahe or Old Raahe. If you want to try riding a fatbike, Lappis can rent one for you and guide you on your journey.

Address and link to the map

HANGASNEVA NATURE TRAIL Paavola Siikajoki | Circular trail | 4.1 km | 

This wilderness hiking trail is approximately 4.1 km long and is suitable for year-round use, including biking and walking. Even cross-country skaters have found ice sections along the route for their skates. The Hangasneva boardwalks are 40-80 centimeters wide, designed to accommodate mountain biking. There are about 400 meters of boardwalks. Along the route, you'll find several benches at scenic spots, a lookout tower, and about halfway along the path, a lean-to shelter and campfire site. The trail is marked with color/reflective poles and color markers can also be found on trees. Especially in spring, the area is full of birds. During winter, a ski trail runs along and near the route. Be cautious, as there are deep channels, springs, and marshy areas in the region. Stick to the marked trail. The path and all structures along it have been built by volunteers from Paavola. A map of the hiking trail is being prepared.

At Hangasneva Nature Trail, you can move around in the winter by walking, skiing, using a fatbike, or other forms of human-powered activity, circling the marsh on the approximately 4.1 km path, which is partially compacted.
From the Vihannintie parking area (see Winter Use Map), you can drive on the multipurpose trail over the frozen bog to Hangasneva lean-to shelter when conditions permit. The section of the trail that goes over the ice of Hangasneva is not marked on the map, as the route may vary depending on the snow and ice conditions, but it generally follows the ice towards Hangasneva lean-to shelter from the edge of the parking area. From Hangasneva lean-to shelter, you continue on the multipurpose trail all the way to Laurinsaari lean-to shelter in Paavola, where it continues as an illuminated exercise trail/track. The round trip from Hangasneva lean-to shelter to Laurinsaari lean-to shelter is approximately 9.5 km. Fatbike cycling is allowed along the entire route, but not on the ski track. Remember to adjust the tire pressure to the track accordingly. Walking is not recommended except on the nature trail circling the marsh.
Maintained by: Siikajoki municipality and volunteers from the Paavola village community. Firewood is usually available at the lean-to shelters. 
Address: Vihannintie 366, Paavola, Siikajoki
HUMMASTINVAARA ROUTES Raahe | Circular Routes | 5, 10, 15, and 25 km | 
You have the option to choose from four different routes: 5, 10, 15, and 25 kilometers, marked with color codes along the terrain. All routes are suitable for mountain biking and hiking during the thawed ground season. Some parts of the routes also have equestrian paths. The well-marked and moderately easy routes of Hummastinvaara are great for beginners in mountain biking. The 25 km loop includes challenging sections with rocky terrain around the quarry area. You can take breaks at three shelters and fire pits along the routes. There is a shelter and fire pit near Hummastinjärvi lake on the 25 km route. Adjacent to Mäntykangas rest area, near Highway 8, you will find a campfire site, and from there, you can also reach Olkijoki shelter, which is located along the 10 km and 15 km routes. The area also has numerous geocaches!
Starting Point: Harakkamäentie 12, Pattijoki Raahe, or Moottoriradantie, 92140 Raahe 
For winter use, Hummastinvaara routes are prepared for traditional cross-country skiing depending on snow conditions. The ski trail is not illuminated and is solely intended for skiing. 
Starting Point: Harakkamäentie 12. 

ISO-KRAASELI NATURE TRAIL Raahen archipelago | Circular trail | 2.3 km | 

On Iso-Kraaseli island, off the coast of Raahen, there's a 2.3 km long nature trail with 15 information boards telling about the island's birds, plants, and natural changes. You can also listen to the information through the Glopas audio guide app. In the summer, there's a campfire site and shelter on the island. Sheep graze on the island in the summer. You can reach Iso-Kraaseli by archipelago cruises or your own boat. You can also spend the night in the historic pilot's cabin as the guest of MeriRaahe by prior arrangement, and even enjoy a sauna. Iso-Kraaseli is a popular destination for hiking and biking in winter too.

Coordinates for the island and link to the map (kartta)

The nature trail can also be traversed by human power during the winter season. The route is not maintained in winter, but the city of Raahe provides firewood for the cooking shelter near the pier. Please also note that snowmobiling is not allowed on the islands within the Natura area of the Raahe archipelago.

JOUTSENREITTI Siikajoki | Circular trail | 80 km | 

The long Joutsenreitti (Swan Route) trail is designed for mountain biking but is also suitable for walking and trail running. The trail circles through three municipalities: Siikajoki, Lumijoki, and Liminka. This route provides a challenge for long-distance cyclists. It's not recommended for regular bicycles except on some forest road sections. In Siikajoki, there's a 3 km road transfer (Niitynmaantie) to get to the forest sections. The trail is marked with signs where it enters or leaves the forest. You can choose a shorter detour that takes you to Varessäikkä beach and marina. The Törmälä Farm near the second forest trail junction offers accommodation and a sauna with a river view. In winter, Joutsenreitti has a ski trail in the Liminka section. 
Address Niitynmaantie, Siikajoki village, Siikajoki 
Map and information about the short Joutsenreitti 14,5 km 


KARJONEVA NATURE TRAIL Paavola Siikajoki | 2.5 km |

The 2.5 km nature trail is located on the Konttikangas-Karjoneva conservation area owned by the Natural Heritage Foundation. The trail winds through Karjoneva wetland, a significant habitat for wetland birds. There's an observation deck and a bird-watching hide along the trail. The path is maintained through volunteer work. 

Address Hoikanrannantie 420, 92430 Paavola, Siikajoki
Nature reserve on the map


KIELOSAARI NATURE TRAIL Pyhäjoki | Point-to-point trail | 600 m | 

Starting from the Kielosaari camping area, a charming 600-meter nature trail introduces you to diverse riverbank scenery. Small bridges connect the islands, and boardwalks lead to a birdwatching tower and a campfire site. You can sit on benches along the trail, listen to the sounds of water and enjoy the views. During spring floods, rising waters can disrupt the path.

Address and the map  



Koskipuisto (Rapids Park) is situated south of the northern arm of the Pyhäjoki River. Here, you can admire Hourunkoski Rapids and the flow of the river. The park's pathways are designed to be accessible for those with mobility challenges. While exploring, you can learn about the industrial history of the Pyhäjoki River mouth from informative boards. On the opposite shore, there's a cabin and campfire site accessible via the Koskikuja road.

Address Niskantie 15, 86100 Pyhäjoki

Map and more information



The trail features a cabin and the Pallomänty Pine Tree, a natural monument. You can find the trail near Kärkiniemi Sports Park.

Address: Kärkiniementie 11 (59 in navigators), Ruukki Siikajoki
LÄNTISRANTA RECREATION AREA Vihanti, Raahe | Circular Route | 5 km | 
The nature and heritage trail circles between Rantasenjärvi and Särkijärvi lakes, with a length of up to about 5 km. Along the trail, there are 10 different information boards. At the starting point near Rantasenjärvi, there is a bird observation tower, and at Myllykoski rest area, you'll find amenities like a campfire site and a lean-to shelter. See below for more information about Vihannin kinttupolut (Vihanti's nature paths). Address details and map are provided below. 
Address and map 

MIKONKARI NATURE TRAIL, OUTDOOR ROUTE, AND ACCESSIBLE SHORELINE VIEWPOINT Pattijoki, Raahe | Circular and Point-to-Point Route | 1.8 km and 1.6 km |

The nature trail running near the shore is a total of 1.8 km long, and along the way, you'll find a birdwatching tower, a beach, and 16 informational signs about various natural sights. You can also listen to guided commentary through the Glopas audio guide app, which you can download for free on your smartphone. Along the trail, near the beach area, there's a designated fireplace site for picnics and cooking.
The Mikonkari outdoor route, including connecting paths, covers a distance of approximately 1.6 km and takes you to the vicinity of the mouth of the northern branch of the Pattijoki River. Close to the shore, behind the service building of the Lohenpyrstö caravan area, you'll find an accessible wooden walkway, "rantapulevaarti," which is about 350 meters long. This walkway leads to a shelter, offering a beautiful seaside view and accessibility for wheelchairs and strollers. Lohenpyrstö is a top spot for caravanners, and you can find accommodation along the Mikonkarin trails, including at the Pattijoen Veteraanimaja.
From the Mikonkari routes, you can also reach the Pattijoki Forest Church. During the summer, Mikonkari nature trail may have roots and obstacles, making it a somewhat slow and challenging ride. However, winter conditions usually turn the trail into an easily gliding speed path.


PALOKANGAS TRAILS Raahe | Circular Routes and Network | 2.2 km or 3.7 km

Near the Olkijoki River, in the vicinity of the Pattijoki Hunting Club's lodge, you'll find a nature trail known as Palokangas Trails. Along this trail, informational signs provide insights into the local forest animals, hunting, and the area's ancient history. Varied terrain features, such as curved shorelines, and place names reveal traces left by an ancient sea on the landscape. The nature trail is primarily designed for hiking, and during snowy periods, a section of the trail is converted into a cross-country ski track. The trail is marked with yellow square symbols in the terrain.
In addition to the nature trail, the area offers splendid paths for cyclists. By combining these paths, you can enjoy a pleasant 10 km ride around the vicinity of Raahen small airport, following the Olkijoki River until reaching Highway 8. For more routes, you can continue onto the Hummastinvaara Trails. The Olkijoki River trail network mainly consists of easy pine needle-covered paths or sandy paths, ideal for fat biking. The Riutanjärvi Loop offers more challenging terrain, yet remains quite manageable, with only a few roots and rocks to navigate. You can find the trail network marked on the Trailmap. If you're coming from the Hummastinvaara Trails, simply cross Highway 8 at the Olkijoen rest area (Hautalantie).
Please note that making fires along the trails is prohibited. Accommodation is available at the Pattijoen Hunting Club's lodge, which is also well-suited for meetings and team-building days.
Address: Metsästäjäntie 85, Pattijoki, Raahe
You can find the trail network on Trailmap (search for "Raahe-Pattijoki airport").
Address: Metsästäjäntie 85, Pattijoki Raahe
The Palosaari Nature Trail winds its way through a two-kilometer journey amidst forest landscapes, encompassing the surroundings of a restored forest ranger's estate. Along the trail, you can acquaint yourself with various forest types, bird species, and tree varieties. During berry-picking season, be sure to keep an eye out – the nearby forests of Palosaari offer excellent opportunities for gathering berries and mushrooms. Palosaari served as a forest ranger's estate from 1861 to 1975. The restored estate, with its 19th-century farmhouse milieu, is among the oldest forest ranger estates managed by Metsähallitus (the Finnish Forest Administration). Today, Palosaari is a showcase estate for Wilderness Services, featuring 27 ideal habitats for different game species. In 2009, the estate was awarded the international Wildlife Estates designation. You can also book the Palosaari cabin for overnight stays.
The Pyhäjoki Bench Trails are not exactly nature trails, but they make for an excellent destination, especially if you're looking for an easy yet longer cycling route. The northern branch of the Pyhäjoki Bench Trail takes you all the way to the village of Pirttikoski. At the beginning of the route, you can enjoy a campfire at the shelter and sit on benches to observe the nature along the riverbank. The Pirttikoski Circuit is approximately 19 km long. You follow the North Branch Bench Trail to Pirttikoski, cross the river over the Kuusiniemi Bridge, and return via the South Branch Bench Trail. You can also opt for a shorter route by following the Saari Bench Trail. During your trip, explore the charming Annala Local Heritage Museum and replenish yourself at the cafes and restaurants in the center of Pyhäjoki.
Address and a map
Explore the recreational sites in Pyhäjoki on the map.


The Pitkäkari area features a network of trails rather than a single circular nature path. Along the walking routes, you'll find the Ilolinna bird tower and the Takaranta campfire site, as well as several log benches for resting. Takaranta offers scenic views of the open sea, while Ilolinna provides vistas of the archipelago. The combined length of the trail network is 1.8 km. On the city side of Pitkäkari, near Maa-Fantti, you'll discover the Pikkulahti (small bay) beach and paddling center. Along the continuation of the Takaranta trail, the 1.49 km Hakotauri trail will take you through interesting terrain, including the crossing of the "Finnish most unnecessary bridge" and likely some of the heaviest boardwalks in the country. This route leads to the Kylmäniemi beach, where you can learn SUP paddling skills with SUP Siniaalto during the summer. The entire route from Kylmäniemi to Maa-Fantti is marked with blue trail markers.



The archipelago, including Tasku and Iso-Kraaseli islands, is a popular destination for winter activities. The distance to Tasku Island from Museonranta is approximately 5 kilometers. The day shelter serves as a resting place for hikers. Ice tracks are prepared for traditional cross-country skiing and skating when ice and weather conditions permit. For more information on traveling on sea ice, visit the Skiing and Hiking on Sea Ice page.

VARVI NATURE TRAIL Raahe | Linear Trail | 2,3 km |

The Varvi Nature Trail winds along the seafront, passing through the area that was once a bustling shipyard in the 1850s. The 2.3 km trail takes you past Varvi beach and the new residential area, continuing to the old Santaholma sawmill (now a riding school) and on to Maivanperä. A campfire site is situated between the sawmill and Maivanperä boat harbor. At Maivanperä, you'll find a maritime archaeological site known as "roopenkki" or a tilting pier. Please note that due to its protected status, the tilting pier should not be approached due to the risk of collapse. While here, explore the charming Lapaluoto old residential area and enjoy a salmon soup at the lakeside Vihanti Local Heritage Center.
Address and a map

VIHANTI KINTTUPOLUT Vihanti Raahe | Multiple Route Options

The villages of Vihanti offer an extensive network of hiking and walking trails, covering nearly 100 km. The "Kinttupolut" are old routes established by foot and horse travel, and they have been revitalized through community efforts in recent years. The trails are marked with blue signs, featuring historical information about the paths. There are several campfire sites and lean-tos along the routes, and you're welcome to stay overnight in some privately-owned huts and cabins. Accommodation can also be arranged through village halls and the Vihanti Local Heritage Center.
Address and a map
The "Kinttupolut" trails are primarily intended for walking and hiking, as specified in landowner lease agreements. In sections where the trails follow village or forest roads, biking is possible. Some sections are also suitable for skiing outside of the ski season on groomed tracks. The trails are not plowed or maintained during the winter, so winter travelers compact the snow with snowshoes or skis. Two traditional skiing tracks are maintained by local community associations, one between Kirkonkylä and Myllyperä and the other known as the Rasvakosken route in Rinnekangas, with a length of approximately 15 km. The city of Raahe is responsible for maintaining the Penikka, Vareskota, Hiihtomaja, and Lumijärvi lean-tos. For other Kinttupolut lean-tos, it's recommended to assist with firewood and bring a few logs for personal use. For more information, visit the Vihanti Kinttupolut website.

VIITAJÄRVI NATURE TRAIL Raahe | Circular Trail | 5,5 km ja 7,7 km | 

You have the choice of two different trail options: the Ahtimus circuit at approximately 5.5 km and the Viitajärvi circuit at about 7.7 km. Along the nature trail, you'll encounter 25 distinct points of interest. The longer route extends nearly to the Haapajoki reservoir and passes through the Viitajärvi nature reserve, which features a small spring. At the start of the trail, the Raahe Ski Lodge (Raahen Hiihtomaja) offers a grill shelter and restroom. For mountain bikers, the route offers a technically challenging yet varied and intriguing ride. In early spring, the trail can be compacted into a smooth, enjoyable path, different from the summer experience. The terrain of the Ski Lodge area also contains XC trail foundations maintained by Raahe CC, as well as unmarked trails.
Address and a map

ÄMMÄN KIERROS Raahe Archipelago | Circular Trail | 1,4 km |

Ämmän Kierros is one of the newest additions to the Raahen Archipelago. Marked with yellow signs, the easy-to-walk trail leads through the diverse landscape of the island, sometimes resembling a park-like grove. Ämmä-Äijä is a popular destination for both summer and winter, thanks to its close proximity and ease of access. It was once a favored camping spot and remains family-friendly with its shallow shores. The island features a lean-to, firewood storage, and composting toilet. During the summer, the island is home to grazing sheep. Please note that there is no pier, and the shallow waters can pose challenges for docking. The easiest landing spots are at the southern tip and in a bay on the west side of the island.
Address: Ämmä-Äijä-Iso Soini Island, Raahen Archipelago