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Kalla Island and Guest Berth

Kalla Island is approximately 300 metres long and 230 metres wide. Kalla’s stony nature has served as a fishermen’s base since the 19th century. Kalla has a hut available for public use, owned by the Raahe Fishermen’s Association, and a campfire site. The glo-lake on the island and its surroundings are valuable in terms of nature. The island is also known for its marvellous stony shores.

Services include Fishermen’s Association hut, campfire site and benches, dry toilet/outhouse, information sign.
Special: There is a glo-lake on the island.

Coordinates: 64°42,1'N, 24°21,3'E
Nautical chart: G
Bert number: 1872

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man on pier at Kalla island guest bert
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