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Musher Pascal with his huskies

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Enjoy the ride 10 km

Welcome to Arctic Coast Mushing Center, located in Pyhäjoki, just off the coast of the Baltic Sea. You are greeted by the mushers and the enthusiastic arctic sled dogs. At the farm you get to meet several kinds of arctic sled dogs: Siberian Huskies, Greenland Dogs and Yakutian Laikas.
Today you get to experience what riding in a sledge or kart pulled by a team of huskies is like. The mushers ask you to take a seat and admire the nature while they take you on a tour in the forest. The dogs might be barking impatiently before the take-off, but as they get to do what they love, they work in silence.
After the tour you will have time to cuddle with your new furry friends before it is time to leave the farm.

Price 100 eur / adult - 50 eur / child 2-12 years
Prices do not include transfers to / from Arctic Coast Mushing Center

Musher Pascal with his huskies
Huskies greeting visitors at Arctic Coast Mushing Cetner Kalajoki
Kart ride with huskies in Kalajoki
Arctic Coast Mushing Center
Pirttikoskentie 1120
86160 Pyhäjoki