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Fatbike, cross-country skates, sauna, snowmobile, sled, kick sled, campfire, mountain bike, 'röyssy' (a local term), coffee pot, snowshoes, ice fishing, sausage... When you add inspiration, wonder, emotion, and experience as seasoning, you get the unique range of experiences that are close and accessible in the Raahe region.

The magnificent nature of the sea and coastline, along with the historical Old Raahe, provide the framework, and tourism operators complete the experiences. You can access the ice right from the town centers of the region, where parking is ample, and services are nearby. Forest trails and paths invite you to adventure, weaving through the trees, onto frozen marshes, or along the edges of fields. It's just a stone's throw away. Have you ever tried moving with snowshoes or gliding snowshoes?

Outdoor experiences 

During the winter holiday, get active outdoors, which is excellent for well-being. The archipelago of Raahe is an important retreat for the residents, a place for relaxation, and experiencing diverse nature adventures. The attraction remains in winter: the archipelago can be reached on ice, even on foot. Tourism operators in the region offer ways to move on the ice and reach the archipelago, either with motor assistance or using pure muscle power. Always have a vigilant mind and caution when going onto the ice: dress warmly, follow established routes, and equip yourself with ice picks. Read more in the article Skiing and hiking on the sea ice.

Winter cycling is the word of the day. Rent a mountain bike or fatbike and ride across the Pyhäjoki peninsula or explore the municipality's center formed by the islands. Stop to catch your breath on the museum bridge and admire the winter flow of the river. Explore the landscapes of Siikajoki's villages. Cycle on village roads or hiking trails, where shelters and campfire sites offer a chance to take a break. Let your eyes rest in the snowy rural landscape from the sea towards the inland; it's not only good for the soul but also for the eyes, strained by excessive close-up viewing of computers and phones. 

If you prefer skis underneath you, the Rautiperä Sports Area are perfect for all ages of outdoor enthusiasts. Dare to take a dip in the ice hole? Besides Rautiperä, you can enjoy refreshing winter swims at Pikkulahti and Hietamaa. With Lappis guides, you can go on guided tours to pleasant terrains with fatbikes and gliding snowshoes.

Experience the thrill of speed on a snowmobile or ATV, or embark on a snowbus trip that takes the whole family to the archipelago dressed in winter attire. The experience experts test the heat of MeriRaahe's new sauna sled! The sauna sled goes wherever you pull it with your snowmobile or arrange transportation and sauna heating. Throw some logs in, and you'll enjoy the warmth of the sauna and the beauty of the winter sky through the sauna's glass roof.

Enchanting atmosphere of Winter in Old Town Raahe 

Old Town Raahe is one of Finland's best-preserved 19th-century wooden house areas. However, it is not a museum area but a living city district, whose story extends from centuries ago to the present day. The idyllic charm of the snowy old town invites you to explore its narrow streets and beautiful buildings on foot or on a bike. Grab some hot cocoa at Trade House of Lang on the charming Pekkatori Square.

Shall we go on a 'röyssy' hunt? 

Do you know what a 'röyssy' is? Sometimes, due to the influence of late winter storms, the archipelago off Raahe forms ice formations several meters high, locally known as 'röyssy' or 'röyse.' You can go on a hunt for them with a sled ride offered by MeriRaahe. 'Röyssy' trips may also be available in spring when the ice opens up for boat travel. Hallen and sea eagles have also been spotted on these trips.

Indoor experiences 

History in the Raahe region is our present, a part of our identity, and we want to share it with you. Immerse yourself in the allure of culture and history, let it take you back to ancient times, to the glory of the maritime city. Visit unique museum sites, experience the charm of exotic souvenirs brought back from sailors' voyages, and delve into the history of the maritime city. The treasure trove formed by memorabilia and local history at the Packhouse Museum won't leave anyone indifferent. At the Crown Granary Museum, you can experience the region's historical events in a modern way and see the world's oldest surviving diving suit, affectionately known as Wanha Herra. 

Speaking of culture: The Event House Raahe’s Myötätuuli Art Gallery offers high-quality, changing exhibitions every month. The Event House's schedule during the holiday weeks includes concerts and movies.

Stay close to everything, have a sauna and eat well 

Accommodation options are a suitable mix of modern and historical, rustic and elegant, just like the Raahe region itself. Stay in the city center or on an island; soak in the atmosphere of Old Raahe's bygone times or book a modern city apartment that's almost on the sea ice. The sea is always close here. If the peace of the countryside calls you, book accommodation in the midst of snowy fields in an age-old rural landscape. In restaurants, enjoy delicious food prepared with love from local products. Lunch options are especially diverse throughout the week.

You can break a sweat through exercise or, alternatively, by sweating in the sauna. Crown your day of hiking with a sauna for the whole family, for example, in Captain's Sauna in the inner courtyard of Langin Kauppahuone. On the Iso-Kraaseli island, the sauna heats up by order even in winter – of course, considering weather and conditions. Raahen Hovi's sauna and sauna cabin can accommodate a larger group for relaxation or gathering, perhaps by the winter sports bench. Or book a pampering night in a sauna-equipped VIP suite. The whole family can enjoy at Kuntokeidas Vesipekka, swimming, playing ball games, bowling, and, of course, sauna.

Check out additional tips for winter sports and outdoor activities 

If you still need a little more motivation for outdoor activities, you can find it in articles focusing on nature trails and skiing and hiking on the sea ice. The region's best sledding hills have also been ranked.

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