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December 19th Old Town Raahe Advent Calendar

Rantakatu street 45 The main library

The Raahe branch of the Association of Finnish Culture and Identity established a children's library in 1907. Children borrowed storybooks for the first time for Christmas. The borrowed book could also serve as a Christmas gift. 


The children's library operated in the elementary school until 1912. At that time, the local branch donated the books to the city of Raahe, and they were moved to the municipal public library. The library had been operating since 1909 on the upper floor of the packhouse building (now the Packhouse Museum) on the Rantakatu street side. The children's storybooks were placed in a separate section, which was basically just a large cabinet. 


In 2007, Matti Nissilä, a boy from Velkaperä, recalled his first visit to the Raahe library. His big sister went with him. 


- You have to behave there, she emphasized at home. Little Matti was nervous and a bit scared. Behind the packhouse front door were the steep stairs that led to the upper floor and the library premises. 


The librarian handed Matti a green form on which he had to write his name and date of birth. It was a test to check if the boy could read and write because illiterates weren’t given library cards. 


Matti got his library card and instructions. The shelves were filled with many books, with separate sections for children's books and upper-grade students' books. 

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